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Individual Psychotherapy Services

Populations and issues I specialize in:

  • Adults, between the ages of 21 to 65

  • Self-proclaimed "over-thinkers"

  • Highly Sensitive People (HSP's), intellectuals, and intuitive personality types

  • The LGBTQIA+ community

  • Those who are neurodivergent or identify with having an "ADHD brain"

  • Other therapists & healing practitioners 

  • Musicians, artists, and other creatives

  • Entrepreneurs and adventurers

  • Those who have experienced emotional abuse/neglect & other relational traumas

  • Anxiety & Perfectionism

  • Depression and low self-worth

  • Complex Developmental Trauma

  • Work stress and burnout

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Identity Exploration

  • Life Transitions

  • Navigating open/polyamorous relationships



Session Duration and Fee:

In-person or Virtual
50-minute Session: $150

80-minute Session: $200

*Sliding Scale: I reserve a handful of spots in my caseload for those who cannot afford my full rate and are in need of a reduced fee. If you require a reduced fee, please contact me here to inquire about my current sliding scale availability. 

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