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It's time to thrive as your best self.

Jeremy Leavell

MA, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

Supervised by Kevin Fall, PhD, LPC-S

You remember a time when feeling stuck, demotivated, and unsure of yourself wasn't the "norm," but those days feel like a distant memory. Don't you wish you had the tools to change that?

You've come to the right place.

I'm Jeremy Leavell, and I help deep thinkers and sensitive souls just like you.. the ones who have it in them to find a rich sense of meaning and purpose in life, but just need some quality support to get there

I help my clients reduce shame and develop more pride in who they are and in what they want in life by equipping them with the tools they need to better understand themselves and other people.   

Many of today's treatments for anxious or depressed "over-thinkers" are often administered as rigid protocols focused on the client making specific behavioral changes. This can lead so many to feel like they're being evaluated, "doing therapy wrong," or that maybe their therapist is struggling to really understand the complexity of their inner and outer lived experiences.


I know that your circumstances are unique, so I strive to meet you exactly where you are at and prioritize getting to know you at a deep level so that I can truly be your ally and help you in ways that are actually going to make a big difference in your life

My background and Professional Training

Jeremy Leavell, MA, LPC Associate in nature
Nature picture as background for about me page

I obtained my Masters in Professional Counseling from Texas State University. LPC Associate License #89029. 

In December of 2023, I completed a year-long, intensive training with Candyce Ossefort-Russell at DEEP Center for Growth. The DEEP way of doing therapy is my primary orientation as a therapist. Read more about the DEEP approach here

I grew up in Houston, Texas and have called Austin my home since 2008. I majored in philosophy for my undergraduate degree and worked various service-industry jobs before pursuing my masters degree to become a psychotherapist. I'm also a musician and certified yoga instructor. 

I truly love the work that I get to do with each of my clients. From a young age, I knew that I wanted to become a therapist. I've always processed things very deeply and I cherish getting to know my clients, in all their complexities. As a highly sensitive person, I also have a very large and compassionate container for the painful suffering that so often accompanies the human experience.

When I'm not seeing clients, I like to enjoy my downtime by hiking around in nature, climbing trees, going for long-distance runs, playing games or live music with friends, and lounging around at home with my partner and our two cats.

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