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Highly-attuned therapy for individual adults in Austin, Texas.
Helping over-thinkers struggling to make decisions process what they’re going through so they can build better relationships and find more meaning in their lives. 

You're feeling stuck right now.. that self-critical voice no longer motivates you the way it used to..

Most days, you find yourself fighting through feelings of exhaustion and inadequacy just to keep your head afloat. You've managed to meet the big deadlines and uphold most of your responsibilities but.. 


  • Love & accept yourself as you are?

  • Express your true opinions and feelings to others?

  • Make clear decisions and take action?


I hear you. 


And I want you to know that it is so natural and incredibly human to find yourself struggling like this.. 


You have been fighting so hard to make things work, and despite your best efforts, your life is not where you had hoped it would be.

I know it may not seem possible right now, but I believe that you deserve to..

  • Enjoy the clarity of mind that comes with knowing who you are and what you want in life.

  • Feel a sense of pride in your unique existence as a human being.

  • Express yourself authentically in your relationships.

  • Spend the majority of your time pursuing what feels right and important to you.

You have been navigating this struggle all on your own for such a long time, and I am so glad that you're feeling ready to receive some high quality, professional support

I would love to help you unpack the complexities so you can find the clarity to create a meaningful life, improve your relationships, and find your joy again. 

Hi, I'm Jeremy Leavell (he/him). 

As your therapist, I’ll help you to get out of your head and start living life again. I do this by helping you to slow down and unpack the complexities of what you are going through. We’ll make space for all the unique parts of you that show up in our sessions.

In time, as you come to understand and accept all these parts of yourself at a deeper level, you'll feel more in tune with your authentic self -- which means having a solid foundation to make clear life decisions that feel true and right for you, while also enjoying more satisfying and genuine relationships. 

Jeremy Leavell
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